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Our Flagship Product        
A Safer Way to Clean Carpets, Naturally
•No Odor   •No VOC's   •Hypo-allergenic
•Non-toxic •No harsh cleaning chemicals  
WARNING! There's a story behind
                 each of these headlines...
"Hospital Wing Closed Due to Odors in Carpet"
"Man Says Cleaning Chemincal Burns Lungs"
"Skin on Hand is Eroded by Chemincals"
"Harsh Cleaning Chemical in Carpet Causes
      School to Close"
"Workers Go Home Sick Because of Odors
      from Carpet Cleaning"
Carpets ugly out before they wear out because the soapy sticky residue attracts dirt and causes rapid resoiling.
Cleaning products can cause unhealthy indoor air quality issues that lead to serious health problems.
The health of you and your children are at risk. When hands are placed on carpet and then into the mouth, toxic chemical residues can be transferred into the body. This process can lead to serious health issues.
Other products we use are what we consider to be the best available to accomplish our task of providing you with the healthiest home for you and your loved ones, furry friends included.