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   Do your friends keep making excuses to not come by? 
   Could it be that your house is starting to smell like a pet zoo?
No Situation is too hard for us to tackle.
                      Let us clear up your stains and re-freshen your air.
Pet Odor is a serious problem. The longer you wait the worse it gets.
Let our trained specialists help you get this under control today.
Even the best trained pets have an accident now and then. Whether it is urine, feces, vomit, or allergen dander we can stop the problem now.  Many times the urine is not discovered until long after the deposit has been made.  Unattended, your pet’s bodily fluids, which are rich in proteins, lodge into the flooring, the furniture, baseboards and even down to the subfloor. Proper cleanup of urine contamination is essential to avoid soiling, staining, damage of flooring and most important to eliminate the continued growth of the odor causing bacteria found in the urine. The aging urine creates urine salts and bacteria that will continue to grow as long as there is moisture and a food source. Human dead skin cells and pet dander make a great meal for the bacteria and the entire area becomes a magnet for additional bacteria, dust mites, mold and other contaminants.
Our solution methods and products have been time tested with fantastic results. Due to the nature of our pets, we have also created a very affordable maintenance plan to keep your home’s air smelling fresh and your allergens down.
What To Expect With The
Odor Elimination Treatment
Step 1: Walk thru with Trained Technician to identify areas of concern.
Step 2: Determine the extent of problem to choose the best solution(s) This may include tools like a UV Light to see urine deposits or a moisture meter to determine saturation depth.
Step 3: We eliminate the odor smell.
Add-on Options: Spot/Stain Removal, Green Carpet Cleaning, Allergen Treatment
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