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What Do Carpets and Allergies Have in Common?
It's invisible to the naked eye, .3mm in length (7,000 can fit on a fingernail), produces 200 times its ownbody weight in feces during it's short lifetime, lives in dust and loves moisture. YOU GUESSED IT, the Dust Mite
The Truth About Dust Mite Allergens
It is actually the protein-rich feces of these pests that cause the allergic reaction. These proteins antagonize and create an overreaction in the immune system. No matter how much you clean there is always going to be dust mites hanging around. They feed on human skin and pet dander and need moisture to thrive.
By keeping their food reduced, their environment uncomfortable and their feces offset by our special Allergy Relief Treatment, you can often experience relief within a few days. NOTE: Getting rid of carpets and other fabrics does not prevent dust mites, in fact it is recommended to use carpets, rugs, and fabrics to hold contaminants out of your breathing air space until they can be properly cleaned. Remember your carpet and furniture are the largest air filters in your home.
Relief From Indoor Allergies
How does this work? The Allergy Relief Treatment changes the shape of the proteins in dust mite feces, making them unrecognizable to the body, which prevents them from causing the allergic reaction.
Clean Green Carpets has partnered up with Masterblend to reduce your allergy symptoms and eliminate the contaminants left behind by  dust mite feces.  The professional application of the ResponsibleCare System of anti-allergen cleaning and treatment products can bring you relief in as little as three days.
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